Comments from SPARS Regional Studio Summit in Asheville, NC

Ben Hostetler, Student:
“Opened my eyes to new aspects of the music industry and ways to make a living. The one on one interaction was a great way to connect with professionals in the industry. I Left with more friends than I came with.”

Cameron Fitzpatrick, Student:
“Concerning the SPARS event, the most beneficial moment was the speed mentoring session. This was a great combination of the mixer and the panels, allowing us personal contact with the professionals as well as the opportunity to seek specialized information about the areas in which each professional is most comfortable. That being said, the panels, mixer, and studio tour were all of great interest as well. The speed mentoring seemed to combine the best of both the mixer and the panel interviews.”

Chrissy Meyer, Student:
“This was the second SPARS event that I have been to in the past year. Both events proved to be very educational and beneficial. Not only do they help students network and build relationships with industry professionals, but they teach the valuable skill of HOW to network. The panels and discussions give us valuable insight into our possible future careers. These smaller SPARS events make it possible for students to access important career resources without having to go too far from home. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that was put into making this event happen.”

Neal Shaw, Student:
“SPARS allowed me an opportunity to meet seasoned audio professionals who shared advice and insight from years of experience and knowledge that I would not have attained from a class room setting.”

Jeff Nichter, Student:
“I thought it was excellent! The talks, speed mentoring, and facilities were all top notch–the panelists were friendly and knowledgeable. It might be interesting to do a hands-on demonstration like a drum tracking workshop or a mix/production critique session.”

Luke Jones, Student:
“The summit was awesome! there needs to be more of them.”

Ray Lyon, Student:
“Thanks for making this happen! Enjoyed every minute of it.”

Chad Ashley Pry, Student:

Jed Tate, Student:
“The summit was amazing! I feel like I learned a lot, and I really appreciate all the presenters for sharing their insight, and Echo Mountain for hosting. A great event.”

Abigail Lanier, Student:
“It was an invaluable experience for me as a student. I found the panel discussions and speed mentoring sessions to be particularly helpful and of course the numerous opportunities for networking.”

Scott Wynne, Chief Recording Engineer, Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University:
“Thanks again for providing this opportunity for the region, all of our programs have had limited access to such a wonderful event and without SPARS identifying the need and support for this area, it would have never existed for us to support to begin with. This also provides a unique opportunity for all of our programs to join in a discussion for the first time all together, as well, and I for one appreciate that.”

Jude Weinberg, Chief Recording Engineer, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Asheville:
“I think it was a good reality check to some of my students as to where things are going in the music business and to some of the challenges they will probably face if they choose to work in this field. I asked my class today if the summit was worthwhile to them and the answer was a resounding yes. … I thought the panelists were excellent”

Sean O’Connell, CEO, Music Allies / Creative Allies, Speaker:
“I loved the experience with the students.”

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