Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy says, “If I’d grown up anywhere else, I’d have run away to join the circus.”

But he points out that as a native New Yorker, it was simpler running away to become a disc jockey…and later, a respected newscaster at Westinghouse Broadcasting.

Along the way, Lee never lost his love of the recording and production process. In the 1980’s he gave up the mic for the other side of the glass, directing and producing a variety of audio and video projects. At the same time, he became an active SPARS member and was eventually elected to the organization’s Board of Directors.

In 1993, Murphy was awarded an EMMY for his mixing of the PBS series, “Reading Rainbow”, at his Brigg’s Bakery facility in Manhattan. Lee is also a past TEC Creative Award nominee in the category of Audio Post-Production Engineer. In addition, he also served as editor of the SPARS newsletter, DataTrack.

Murphy resides in New York City with his wife and business partner, Jaci Canning-Murphy.

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