Dwight Cook

Dwight Cook is President of Houston, Texas based, Sound Works.

At the age of six Dwight was an avid shortwave radio listener with a large collection of QSL cards. Dwight’s on-air radio career started when he was ten, with a home built radio station in his home, broadcasting throughout his neighborhood in his home town of Sarasota. Florida.

While in the tenth grade he landed a position at WKXY-Sarasota, a top-40 station. The following year he landed the afternoon drive slot at a competing rock station. From there his radio career took him to the Tampa, Miami, Chicago and Houston markets. Dwight’s real love was in the area of Production. He served as Production Director at all but the first stations in his career. Dwight also continued his radio career while going to school.

In 1977, Dwight and his wife Karen founded Sound Works. Sound Works-Houston provides professional audio services for the TV, radio, feature films and advertising industries, as well as the legal profession. Sound Works pioneered the digital transmission of audio from Houston to other facilities worldwide.

Dwight also designed and implemented accounting systems for companies with vertical applications and is a consultant to advertising agencies and the legal profession. Sound Works provides legal services, and Dwight serves as an expert witness. He also is the announcer for Ed Young’s Winning Walk TV program, a worldwide TV ministry and the host of a weekly radio program on KSBJ radio.

Dwight’s interests are his family, church, computer-programming, computer aided design, the Internet and contemporary Christian music.

Dwight welcomes your questions about SPARS, the audio industry, or the internet. Email your questions to: [email protected]

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