SPARS Foundation

“It only takes a brief encounter to change someone’s life.”

SPARS has created a separate and independent SPARS Foundation, a nonprofit, public charity organization.

Our Mission is…

To educate and mentor audio engineering students and graduates, young professionals and recording enthusiasts, by transferring the accumulated audio recording knowledge that is collectively held by industry leaders and professional practitioners.

Over the years, the audio recording profession has become highly specialized (e.g. sound for picture, audio post, gaming, mastering) and the industry more fragmented.

At the same time, quality audio gear has become more affordable and powerful, giving more people the ability to make recordings in their project studios, home, or any place of their choosing. The definition of an audio recording professional has become a lot grayer.

This democratization of recording capability has led to an explosion of interest in audio recording and demand for accurate knowledge has grown exponentially. A knowledge transfer mechanism was needed to ensure that the craft of audio engineering was passed on to the next generation of practitioners. That mechanism was mentoring, and SPARS was the ideal network of audio engineering professionals and professional audio recording facilities who could facilitate the process.

To address this growing educational need, the SPARS Board of Directors voted to create a separate and independent charitable entity, called the SPARS Foundation, which was officially formed in May 2012.  The SPARS Foundation received 501(c)3 status in May 2013.