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Pro Sound NetworkSPARS PatchBay is SPARS’ blog on ProSoundNetwork. The blog is written by SPARS members and other industry leaders on subjects that impact recording – music production,  mastering, film music and post production – with a special emphasis on mentoring and education.

SPARSIf you are a SPARS member or a working professional who has thoughts to share and need a “soapbox,” SPARS PatchBay is your opportunity. Contact us to discuss doing one of our upcoming Blogs.

Paul Christensen
Executive Director 

SPARS Pro Sound Blog – PatchBay

SPARS ends fiscal year with successful events, increased membership and participation (7/5/12)

SPARS spotlights Web Design and hosting company, Jazz Corner (6/13/12)

EARS Chicago features Phil Ramone at May Meeting at Shure Headquarters (5/22/12)

Slideshow from A Talk with Joe Chicarelli now available at the SPARS Site (2/26/12)

The 4 Ups of Recording Studio Customer Service (2/2/12)

A Quick Conversation with Joe Tarsia (11/12/11)

SPARS completes successful, one-of-a-kind Speed Counseling Session at AES in NY (11/2/11)

The New Market – Are You Up to the Challenge? (9/7/11)

The SPARS Vision (8/9/11)

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