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On Saturday, October 27, 2012, during the AES / SPARS Joint Student Section party, the SPARS Board of Directors bestowed its highest honor, the 2012 SPARS Legacy Award, on one of the recording industry’s most revered and respected luminaries, Chris S… Can You Buy Valium In Australia

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Here is an article written by Dan Daley for the September 2012 issue of Sound On Sound magazine (US Edition Only) in his column, Off The Record, about how SPARS has evolved as the industry has changed.

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We recently sat down with Terri Winston, Founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Audio Mission, to find out more about the organization. WAM is one of the participating groups along with AES, the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) and Manhatt… Buy Diazepam Belfast

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Excerpted from J. Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories | for Artists and Entrepreneurs… ALL TOGETHER NOW (Read time 1:03) When I was the hot-shot, top dog, head honcho, know-it-all, smart-ass publisher at MCI, “proofreading” was everything. A few days before we launched … Buy Diazepam Glasgow

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Excerpted from J. Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories | for Artists and Entrepreneurs… EVERY SINGLE DAY (Read time 0:51)  Mike Bloomfield said: “I practiced guitar in my bedroom for four hours a day, every single day, from the time I was seven to … Cheap Valium India

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Read more here… august l 2012 studioexpresso eZine Since 2000  Producer/mixer/engineer Ken Allardyce at Sarm West, London

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Read this month’s issue…

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Excerpted from J. Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories | for Artists and Entrepreneurs… O Captain! My Captain! (Read time 0:57) According to Google, the FAA, popular belief, and Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers), many plane crashes are the result of pilot/captain error. And most … Valium Purchasing

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Excerpted from J. Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories | for Artists and Entrepreneurs…   THE WORKHORSE AND THE FILLY (Read time 0:21) The “Old Work Horse” is right when he says, “You must reinforce your art, your business and your life with the … Order Valium From Canada

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  The Truth About Mainstream Music Success A new artist, much like a successfully put together new car, must be then well maintained and closely cared for in order for success to continue. If any steps are skipped in the … Buy Real Diazepam Online