SHURE Receives Rave Reviews on PG Mics

SHURE logoPG27 and PG42 have XLR or USB output for easy recording.

Practice, perform and record like a pro with these four new side-address condenser microphones. When you are ready to record, Shure makes it simple.

PG27, PG42 mics
PG42 Side Address Vocal Mic

  • Large diaphragm capsule to provide wider dynamic range for clear highs and strong lows.
  • Voice-tailored frequency response is specifically engineered to reproduce the subtle nuances of lead vocal performances.

PG27 Side Address Multi-Purpose Mic

  • Natural reproduction of many sound sources.
  • High SPL allows for easy handling of acoustic, amplified and vocal sound sources.

PG42 and PG27 are also available in USB models for Plug and Play connectivity.

  • Integrated pre-amp with microphone gain control for control of input signal strength.
  • Zero latency monitoring for real time playback and multi-tracking without distortion.

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