SPARS completes first in a series of Ask SPARS online Webinars with University of Wisconsin


As part of it’s expanded  Ask SPARS mentoring initiative, SPARS recently completed the first in a series of Online Webinars with students enrolled in the recording technology program at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. The Ask SPARS event involved a 3-way online hookup between members of the audio engineering club and Kirk ImamuraSPARS President and President of Avatar Studios, New York and SPARS Foundation Board Member, Drew Waters, Universal Music Group, Vice President, Archives, Capitol Music Group, Capitol Studios, Los Angeles.

The webinar, whose topic was “Studio Talk,” allowed students to learn more about day-to-day facility operations as well as ask questions regarding the industry as a whole. The webinar was made possible through the support of Wally Messner, Recording Technology Program Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin and Rick Senechal, SPARS Foundation Advisory Board Member, Microsoft Studios.

In addition to its expanded online Ask SPARS mentoring programs, SPARS will be offering online resume evaluation assistance to SPARS member schools to better equip their graduates for the post graduation world. The first SPARS member school to participate in the Resume Evaluation Program will be Appalachian State University whose program will begin in late March 2014.

Schools and individuals who have an interest in learning more about SPARS expanded mentoring programs are encouraged to contact the SPARS National Office at 800.771.7727.

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