SPARS announces expansion of their current Ask SPARS mentoring program

Ask SPARSSPARS has had great success in producing person-to-person group and individual mentoring programs at the AES and NAMM Conventions as well as in various other locations in recent years. Students, recent graduates and young recording professionals have enjoyed exposure to older, successful mentors as SPARS has continued to expand the program.

U wisconsin

University of Wisconsin students in the studio.

Because of the success of these events SPARS has announced plans to expand the program into the on-line world. In addition, SPARS has decided to offer on-line resume evaluation assistance to member schools to better equip their graduates for the post graduation world.

SPARS will be offering the first in a series of On-line Mentoring Seminars to students at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh in early Spring 2014. Other on-line opportunities are planned for later in the spring as SPARS and member schools gain more experience in navigating the medium. (read more…)

App State Students

A group of App State students.

The first SPARS member school to participate in the Resume Evaluation Program will be Appalachian State University. Ten senior students from the Recording Program in the Hayes Music School will submit resumes to a SPARS panel consisting of SPARS Board Members, SPARS Members and various successful Recording Professionals. Students will receive valuable pointers and feedback concerning what prospective employers want to see in students, recent graduates and recording professionals in general. (read more…)

Schools and individuals who have an interest in learning about the new expanded programs are encouraged to contact the SPARS National Office at 800.771.7727.

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