SPARS member Skywalker Sound wins big at 10th annual GANG Awards

Skywalker_SoundThe 10th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards were held in San Francisco during GDC 12, the pre-eminent conference for game professionals and industry luminaries and the Skywalker Scoring Stage was honored with four awards and two additional nominations.  Star Wars: The Old Republic took home awards for Best Soundtrack Album and Best Original Instrumental, while Kinect Disneyland Adventures won Best Interactive Score and Best use of Licensed Music. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary was nominated for Best Soundtrack Album and Kinect Disneyland Adventures was also nominated for best original instrumental.

GANG LogoThe musical scores for all three games were primarily recorded at Skywalker Sound by Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring, with Leslie assuming mixing duties for The Old Republic and Kinect Disneyland Adventures.  Jesse Hamlin supervised the score for The Old Republic and Paul Lipson and Pyramind Studios produced the scores for Halo and Kinect with Gregory J. Gordon, of Pyramind, acting as executive producer and assuming mixing duties for Halo.

“The Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound is thrilled to have been first call for these two award winning games. Our entire team had so much fun working on the music scores; I can only imagine how great the games are to play.”
Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring

“When the call comes in for a live, full orchestral session, Pyramind’s first call is Skywalker Sound.  The staff there is second to none; and combined with amazing musicians and the best sounding room, the results are award winning and world class.”
Gregory J. Gordon, CEO

“LucasArts was thrilled to record at Skywalker Sound for the score to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We’re extremely lucky to have a world class facility and world class musicians right in our own backyard.”
Jesse Harlin, Music Supervisor

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