Gobbler makes special offer to the SPARS community

Gobbler Logo“Gobbler has drastically improved my workflow. I use it almost daily, and the coordination between multiple engineers across a single session has been flawless. Plus, the upload/download speeds are insane. I really don’t know what I would do without it!

Justin Meldal-Johnsen -Bass Player & Producer for NIN, Beck, M83

Have you ever sent a hard drive through the mail or via courrier because a project was too big to safely send via email? Lost a project as a result of a hard drive failure or accident in the studio? Found yourself staring at a closet full of external drives not knowing which one the project you were looking for was saved on?

As producers, audio engineers, and artists, we regularly experience the pains and frustrations of managing our digital audio recordings and projects. Whether you’re trying to send a file to a collaborator in another studio, save versions of a project off-site, or access an archived session quickly, the process of transferring, backing up, and organizing digital recordings can be time consuming, costly, and cumbersome.

While there are plenty of workarounds to these problems, including Dropbox, YouSendIt, WeTransfer, Carbonite, and more, none of these solutions were created with audio professionals in mind. Well at least, none until now…

SPARS community, meet Gobbler.

Gobbler is a cloud-based platform that allows you to easily backup, transfer, and organize your project files and assets. Gobbler supports every major DAW, as well as 20 other media creation file types. Need to send a huge Pro Tools session to a collaborator half-way across the globe? Gobbler is the fastest and most secure way to transfer projects, and there’s no upload speed or file size limitations; it’s the most efficient way to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Gobbler provides automatic project versioning and backup, so that you can access your projects from any connected device and roll-backwards to any previously saved versions. We also have an easy to use project and geo-tagging system to make organizing all of your recordings a painless process.

See our offer to the SPARS community at the end of this post

Gobbler Features:

Intelligent Backup

  • Unlimited storage capacity: Never lose a project again! Whether it’s 10 MB or 1000 TB, Gobbler’s got you covered.
  • Remote file access: Once a project is backed up using Gobbler, you can access it from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Automatic project versioning: Gobbler automatically saves a copy of your project as you work and allows you to easily roll back to any previously saved version. High-Speed Transfers
  • File storage and transfer deduplication: Files saved to the cloud are never re-uploaded, resulting in dramatically improved transfer speeds. When receiving files, Gobbler scans local drives for all relevant project files and only downloads new or changed items.
  • Improved collaboration: Gobbler centralizes your projects so you can securely and instantly exchange files with co-workers, colleagues, and friends.
  • File type-specific compression: Gobbler uses a lossless compression algorithm to reduce data packet size, increasing over-all transfer speeds while maintaining file integrity.
  • No limits on transfer size or file types: Whatever your file size or type, Gobbler can send it.

Intuitive Organization

  • Plug n’ play: Gobbler automatically searches internal and connected drives, generating a detailed catalog of all of your music projects and files.
  • Your catalog with you, everywhere: You can log into Gobbler at any time or from anywhere, including your iPhone, and locate the whereabouts and details of any cataloged project in seconds — it’s better than an intern!
  • Meta-tagging: Gobbler solves the problem of unstructured data by adding a layer of descriptive information to your files. Complex media data is easier to search, organize, and archive with Gobbler.

Maximum Security

  • 99.9999999% reliable storage: Gobbler uses Amazon Web Services for its cloud storage, ensuring ultimate data durability.
  • Military-grade encryption (AES 256-bit): Transfer encryption protects files from packet sniffing, while storage encryption protects your files from a network attack.

 iOS Mobile App

  • Your projects with you, everywhere: You can log into Gobbler at any time from anywhere, and locate the whereabouts and details of any cataloged project in seconds.
  • Remote file access: Access your files that have been backed up to Gobbler from wherever you are.
  • Remote file transfers: Transfer files directly from your Gobbler account using the mobile application.
  • No limits on transfer size or file types: Whatever your file size or type, Gobbler can send it.

We’ve made it our mission to create an end-to-end solution for digital audio professionals one that understands the complexity of the creative workflow and allows you to focus onwhat you do best.

As a welcome offer to the SPARS community, we are offering upgraded 25GB accounts free for 3-months so you can decide if Gobbler is the right option for you. Just use the code SPARS325 when you sign up (Gobbler.com). And once you do, let us know what you think.

Happy Gobbling -Andrew Reinfeld, Gobbler Community Manager

PS: Windows version is coming soon! Sign up for the PC Waitlist on the front page of gobbler.com and you’ll be the first to know once it comes out.

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