SPARS member Institute of Audio Reseach, NY and SPARS announce Melodyne seminar on November 14th

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A Melodyne training session will be held on Monday, November 14, 2011 at Institute of Audio Research (64 University Place, New York City) in Room 21, 2nd Floor by product specialist Carlo Libertini. Time: 7:00PM.

MelodyneMelodyne is to vocals what Photoshop is to photography.  Melodyne is a program that every single studio owner must have.

Melodyne allows access to music inside your audio recording and there is nothing on the market that performs this essential task at such impeccable quality.  Producers can polish vocals to the extreme without a hint of artifacts.

The mind-blowing DNA technology allows changing of notes in a guitar chord with polyphonic editing of recordings.  ARA technology allows integrated editing within your DAW.  If you are not using Melodyne you are not in the game.  If you are using an alternative you are beating up your music.

SPARS SessionsInstructor: Carlo Libertini is an audio engineer and editing specialist with Celemony’s Melodyne Software and Music Marketing Inc. He often provides product training, demonstrations, social media content, and editing services for clients across the country. He is a current production member for the Nashville Label “Driving Red Records”, and travels frequently between Los Angeles, New York City, and his home town of Boston.

Music Marketing Inc: Music Marketing is a leading distributor of music software and hardware tools for musicians, producers, engineers and composers. Started in 1991, the Toronto based company employs staff in most major centers across North America and partners with such companies as Celemony, IK Multimedia, Image Line, Modartt, Musiclab, TL Audio and others.

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