SPARS and Institute of Audio Research (IAR) hold successful Melodyne Seminar

Melodyne Seminar

(L to R) Dan Gaydos (IAR), Carlo Libertini (instructor), Kirk Imamura, President of SPARS and Avatar Studios, Fred Heller (instructor)

SPARS and the Institute of Audio Research, NY (IAR) hosted a SPARS Session last Monday, November 14th at the New York IAR campus to demonstrate the creative uses of Celemony’s Melodyne software.

The packed house of some 90 attendees listened as Carlo Libertini, an engineer and editing specialist with Melodyne Software and Music Marketing Inc., took the attendees through the concepts of the product as well as how the Melodyne system can be used in production applications.

Melodyne Crowd

Some of the crowd of 90 who attended

An added bonus was a demonstration of the new Melodyne 2.0 software, which features visual representation enhancements allowing the user to see as well as hear the notes being played. This new interface is intuitive and extremely user-friendly.

Melodyne is to vocals what Photoshop is to photography.  Melodyne is a program which allows producers and engineers the opportunity to create unusual production elements.

MelodyneMelodyne allows access to music inside the audio recording. There is nothing on the market that performs this essential task at such impeccable quality.  Producers can polish vocals to the extreme without a hint of artifacts.

In addition, the mind-blowing DNA technology allows changing of notes in a guitar chord with polyphonic editing of recordings.  ARA technology allows integrated editing within your DAW.

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