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Please join us for the


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For those who couldn’t make it to the 2011 AES Convention last month in New York City, we have a special treat for YOU! EARS and co-sponsor Vintage King will host a showcase of select products that were featured at the AES show. Chicago’s local Vintage King Rep and fellow EARS member Jeff Leibovichwill be on hand to help out and answer any questions about the gear. We invite you to bring a hard drive with your own multi-tracks and come twist some knobs and bang the board at this fun and informative event.
Featured gear provided by
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ACME Opticom XLA-3 Optical Limiter
The heart of the XLA-3 is a unique triple optoelectronic circuit that combines the best characteristics of 3 separate compression curves into a single unit. The result: a high-speed optical limiter with tones that range from ‘clean’ to ‘harmonically rich’ to ‘dirty’.Buy Valium By Roche 10Mg


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ADR Compex F760X-RS by Q2 Audio
Renowned for decades by top engineers as the quintessential box for larger-than-life drum sounds! The ADR Compex F760X-RS may be the best compressor/limiter available for drum room mics and drum bus duties and is also highly sought-after for the character and punch it adds to guitars along with a myriad of other sources… And now it can be yours!Online Doctor Prescription Valium
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Chandler Little Devil 500 Series ModulesAll discrete, all transformer-balanced and all hand-built – The Little Devil series of modules from Chandler Limited packs a massive tone-rich sound and ultra-flexibility into the ever-popular 500 Series format. Together, the Little Devil Pre Amp, EQ and Compressor deliver a classic British console sound while offering the solid build-quality of a genuine, hand-made-in-America product.Cheap Valium Uk
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The Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Racis the latest incarnation of this classic design. It adds new features without altering the sonic signature engineers have come to revere Ð Smooth limiting presented with the euphonic character and warmth of tubes. If you want to control the transients of vocals, guitars, bass or the mix bus, without tweaking a whole bunch of controls, the TSL-4 is exactly what youÕve been looking for.Buy Diazepam Belfast
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Neve 500 Series Modules
Together the Neve 1073LB and 1073LBEQ 500 Series modules recreate the legendary Neve 1073 audio path. A bonus dual-output mode simultaneously offers both a fresh Neve EQ flavor and the classic 1073 sound. And introducing the new 2264ALB, the famous Neve 2264A compressor in a 500 Series module. The three essential Neve desk elements packed neatly in your 500 Series rack.Valium Order Online Uk
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Retro Instruments Doublewide 500 Series Tube Compressor
The Doublewide is a tube compressor module designed from the ground up for the 500 Series. It’s authentic Retro compression for the masses. The Doublewide delivers the tube compression sound you expect because it is exactly that. While not precisely like any other tube compressor, the Doublewide methodology takes after the Sta-Level. As such, it excels at processing delicate sources like bass and vocals.Buy Diazepam Glasgow
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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has extraordinary functionality, and also provides mastering grade compression and limiting for tracking and mixing. Essentially it is two compressors in series, per channel, that can act in stereo, or dual mono. First comes our mastering grade electro-optical compressor, followed by our discrete Class-A compressor/limiter. Both feed our switchable custom output transformers, Nickel, Iron, and Steel. There is enough gain in each section to overdrive the hottest tape, or clip your converters, if you’re into that sort of thing.Valium Buy Australia


Strobe Recording is a full-service audio and video facility offering several acoustically treated recording rooms, world-class equipment and mics. Pro gear includes one of the few analog Studer 24 track tape machines in the midwest, running through a vintage and recently refurbished Neotek Series III console. Professional and comfortable offering the best sound engineers in Chicago.Selected artists perform monthly in front of a seated audience as part of the exclusive ‘Strobe Sessions’ the last Thursday of every month.Discounted recording packages available, book by 12-31-11:
Buying Valium In Koh SamuiYou can friend them on FaceBook at
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EVENT QUICK FACTS:- This event is open to EARS Members and non-members alike.
– Light fare and adult beverages will be served compliments of EARS and Vintage King
– ALL EARS memberships renewed as of this October 25th. We hope you will consider joining or renewing your membership. EARS representatives will be on hand to help. You can also join or renew anytime by clicking Online Valium Uk
– If are a new member and you joined after April 26th 2011 then your membership is good through October of 2012.

Many special thanks to Jeff Leibovich and Shevy at Vintage King and Angie Mead and Jamie Wagner at STROBE RECORDING for opening your beautiful studio to EARS.

EARS is proudly sponsored by:

EARS PResidential Election 2011
EARS Pirate
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