Lou Marino of the PooPin Seagulls records at SPARS member the Village Studios

Exciting musical summer projects are washing ashore from local bassist Lou MarinoLou Marino and his lovely wife, Beverly Marino have put together a CD of original songs. The Marino’s and their band have had the privilege to record at Village Studio in West Los Angeles.  Village Studios has recorded some of the biggest names in rock, country, and R&B.  A small list as follows includes such names as; Michael Buble, Neil Diamond, Melissa Lou Marino records at the VillageEtheridge, Ozzy Osbourne, Usher, John Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and Tori Amos just to name a few.

Marino has been teaching guitar and bass lesson in Bakersfield for the last twenty years or more, and has done something amazing. Lou has two accomplished students who now play along with Lou and Beverly on their new approaching CD.  The band is comically named, The PooPin Seagulls.  The PooPin Seagulls have created an overall surfing sound accredited by Guitar player, Jim Webber. Jim has a nostalgic fender sound that makes one remember the hopping Beach Boy’s rock’in guitar runs from yesteryear. Along with Webber’s overall sound, Lou now plays guitar, while Beverly plays the bass.  The combination of the three is not yet enough to give the magical overall sound, so Lou adds guitar student extraordinaire, Ron Pogatchnik to the group. Pogatchnik’s rhythm guitar accompaniment laced with Beverly’s bass lines adds addtional backbone to the amazing drum meter of, Tanner Byrom. Byrom has a great track record of his own while playing for local hit band, Big House. All together the PooPin Seagulls are off to a great start with a new recording project at the Village Studio’s.

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