EARS Chicago April meeting holds court with legendary Rupert Neve


The following is excerpted from EARS Chicago’s May newsletter.

Rupert Neve via Skype EARS members enjoying Mayne Stage

(1) The iconic and irrepressible Rupert Neve addressed the April 26 event at Chicago’s Mayne Stage Theatre via the miracle of Skype; (2) More than 75 engineers, producers, and audio pros attended the “members-only” event.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 – 

“It was a dark, dark, moonless night, fraught with danger”…. Oh, no it wasn’t! It was a clear, beautiful night when EARS convened at The Mayne Stage for a Skype meeting with the great audio legend Rupert Neve: console designer and audio inventor extraordinaire. It was a well attended meeting of around 75 members. The meeting began — in the beautifully-appointed lounge area of Mayne Stage — with massive networking fueled by a sumptuous spread (Yum!) laid out by Mayne Stage’s ACT One Pub. Then our illustrious El Presidente, Blaise Barton, welcomed everyone and got things rolling. Ensconced in his study, Rupert (through the power of Skype) proceeded to enthrall the audience with tales of his fledgling entree into the world of audio via radio repair; the invention of some of his most important products; and the perfection of his audio art. There was great humor in a lot of his stories and his insights on audio perfection were very interesting.

Eric Roth greeting members Atendees Schmoozing in Act One bar

(1) EARS Treasurer Eric Roth greeted each member upon arrival; (2) Attendees “smooze” at the bar and noshed on a wonderful palate of hors ‘oeuvres prior to Mr. Neve’s presentation.
Later during the meeting there were questions and answers from the audience. After Rupert signed off we were given a speech by Jonathan Pines, Director of Strategic Operations of Fingerprint Audio and Rupert Neve Designs. Josh Thomas, Director of Sales and Strategic Allegiances at Rupert Neve Designs, then took the helm discussing Rupert’s new designs like the 5088 console and the Portico modules. Josh, a former Chicagoan, also had gear for the audience to check out. The networking continued as members broke into different cliques to discuss and digest the information they had just absorbed. Other members were treated to a technical tour of The Mayne Stage. This included the Meyer PA system, the Digidesign Venue FOH console, and the Protools HD recording system that is set up in a separate room and can be used to record any show appearing onstage. The Mayne Stage is full service performance venue with a serious backline collection for putting on shows. Add the convenience of the ACT One Pub and you have recipe for great concerts.

Blaise BArton kicks off the meeting Jonothan Pines

(1) EARS President Blaise Barton kicks off the meeting (2) Jonathan Pines discusses Rupert Neve designs and strategy.

Neve Portico gear on display Jonothan Pines, Josh Thomas, and Kevon Smith

(1) Some of Rupert Neve Designs newer gear; (2) Jonathan Pines and Josh Thomas share a moment with longtime engineer/producer & EARS member Kevon Smith.
We would like to thank Blaise Barton, Chris Ritter, Kat Krzynowek, Tim Schoen, and the rest of the EARS staff for putting together such a fine meeting.

Danny Leake & Fran Allen-Leake
EARDRUM Co-Editors

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