E.A.R.S. Chicago to host Rupert Neve at April meeting


TUESDAY, APRIL 26th 6:30p.m.
1328 – 30 W. MORSE AVE. CHICAGO, IL 60626
(773) 381-4560


The following is partially quoted from EARS April Newsletter. You can get the complete details here.

When speaking of the most revered audio console designer in the history of recording, who’s name comes up first everytime?
EARS is very pleased to welcome once again our special guest this month, iconic designer and audio legend Rupert Neve. Often credited as the Father of the modern recording console, Mr. Neve hardly needs any introduction, even to the most casual of audio enthusiasts. His creations such as the 8058 and 8068 mixing desks remain in high demand now more than ever, even 40 years after they were built. Today Rupert continues to push the envelope of pure analogue design with his latest products such as the 5088 Discrete Analogue Mixer. 

Rupert Neve

EARS is also very honored to welcome Josh Thomas, Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances at Rupert Neve Designs who has worked closely with Rupert in implementation and marketing. He will be bringing some new Neve “toys” to show off, demo, and display. While Josh will be joining us live and in person, Mr. Neve will be joining us via the marvel of Skype in the state-of-the-art Mayne Stage theater.

Rupert Neve was born a British national but spent much of his early childhood in Argentina. Growing up during the days of shortages in WW II, he recognized the need for people to hear the news on radio. He mended radios, built radios and sold them to friends, studied the Radio Amateurs handbook, knew the valve catalogues by heart, and haunted the local radio shop building a store of practical knowledge. At 17, he volunteered for the British navy and served in the Royal Signals. He settled in the West Country of England and bought a used Dodge US army ambulance and built and installed his own equipment to convert it into a mobile recording and public address control room. He recorded choirs, amateur operatic societies, music festivals and public events on 78 RPM lacquer disks. He provided public address for Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth) at the opening of St. Andrews Church in Plymouth City Center rebuilt after the blitz. When Winston Churchill came to support the political campaign of his son Randolph in Plymouth, Rupert was there with a massive PA system covering the whole city center, microphones and loudspeakers feeding in and out of amplifiers he designed and built.

In the 50s he worked for Rediffusion, a maker of transformers and loudspeakers. Neve left the company and formed CQ Audio and manufactured HiFi speaker systems. In the early 1960s, he designed and built a mixing console for a composer named Desmond Leslie, from Castle Leslie, Ireland where the original desk is still housed.

Early Neve console
1961 Neve tube mixing desk

By 1964 Rupert had developed high performance transistor equipment that replaced the traditional valve designs. The first client for the new transistor equipment was Phillips Records Ltd. Neve was commissioned to design and build a series of equalizers to enable them to change the musical balance of material that had been previously recorded. This was before the days of multi-track tape machines and rebalancing a 2-track recording usually meant a new session with artists, producers, and engineers re-convened at great expense. The success of the equalizers led to orders from Phillips and other recording studios for mixing consoles. These attained a reputation for sonic clarity and excellent workmanship. Demand grew rapidly. Neve started a life of manufacturing and designing audio recording equipment and has founded or been involved with several companies including ARN consultants, AMEK, Focusrite, and Taylor guitars. Currently he runs Rupert Neve Designs, based in Wimberley, Texas.

double desk for phillips
1964 Neve transistor-based portable console for Phillips Records Ltd London

Neve Lab small Workshop alongside Neve home

Neve Factory exterior 1969 Neve Factory 2 1969

Neve factory in 1969. By 1973 Neve employed over 500 people worldwide
For more background and biographical information on Mr. Neve, visit rupertneve.com/company/history/


– This is a cash bar event
– Food will be provided courtesy of EARS through ACT ONE Pub at the Mayne Stage.
– Valet parking is available for only $5.00. Street parking is also available.
– This is an EARS members only event

– 6:30 p.m. Start time. The Mayne Stage will conduct tours of their state of the art facility
– 7:45 p.m. Josh Thomas begins presentation
– 8:30 p.m. Rupert Neve joins the meeting via Skype
– 10:30p.m. Meeting wrap-up

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