E.A.R.S. Chicago hosts meeting at Lincoln Hall | Industry Focus – An Evening with Martin Atkins

The following is excerpted from the EARS February 2011 newsletter, the Eardrum.

Martin Atkins & Blaise Barton

“Tuesday, January 25, 2011: We didn’t quite know what to expect as we stumbled our way to Lincoln Hall — which in another life was the Three-Penny Cinema where many of us used to watch art flicks. We walked through the “Magic” door and BANG! There we were in EARS heaven! All of our favorite EARS veterans and newbies – sixty-plus EARS members in attendance — were there to absorb some of the thoughts and musings, hospitality and wisdom of Martin Atkins, an entrepreneurial genius in the Music Industry.”

You can read the whole story and get the latest EARS news, by visiting the organization’s on-line newsletter, the Eardrum.

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