SPARS Member Avatar Studios announces METAlliance session

The METAlliance (Music Engineering and Technical Alliance) recently announced the second In Session event, February 19-20, 2011 in NYC at famed Avatar Studios. In Session with The Guys attendees will participate and interact with the METAlliance founders in live recording and mixing sessions. By special arrangement, The METAlliance will occupy the historic Avatar Studios for the entire weekend.

The inaugural 2010 METAlliance event in Hollywood at the historic SPARS Member Capitol Studios in the Capitol Records tower was a resounding success. Participants got a close-up look at basic tracking and mic techniques; in the separate mixing sessions they were engaged in the processes in significant detail and participated in critical listening. “This was simply a great experience for all of us”, commented Phil Ramone. Working hard with a very diverse group of students, pros, educators and recording beginners. To learn more about the In Session event at Capitol Studios :

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The Music Engineering & Technology Alliance (METAlliance) was created by renowned music producers and recording engineers Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner, and Al Schmitt. The executive team has created a supportive network and collaborative community in which producers, engineers and audio technology manufacturers work together to ensure the highest standards of audio production and delivery through developing consumer formats.

METAlliance’s founders are active as educators in the professional audio community, spearheading seminars and regularly speaking at industry events at both international and regional levels. Now the group is in position to expand their activities throughout the industry in periodicals, published technical papers, Internet podcasts, and in widely disseminated broadcasts.

The members of METAlliance are champions for progress in a business that has been hammered by piracy and the parallel decline in audio quality. METAlliance strives to secure the art of music through recording technology that can best deliver the music in all its many modern forms.

METAlliance embodies the group’s passionate commitment to quality in the arts and science of recording. “The highest quality audio to have ever been produced for mass consumption is currently available to all lovers of music – yet many channels of delivery are deteriorating and falling well short of what’s possible,” explains METAlliance cofounder and multi-Grammy winner Frank Filipetti. “This is a crucial time in the history of recorded music and our goal is to draw attention to this crisis. We are a generation with the passion that truly appreciates a beautifully recorded work played back on a good sound system.”

As METAlliance founder Phil Ramone often says, “It’s about the music.”

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