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2 Responses to AES 2011: Speed Counseling with Experts

  1. Irving Aguirre says:

    I had signed up for a 2p, I believe, but unfortunately I could not find a ride up on friday. :/
    This is really great, and I hate that I am unable to attend. It’s only on friday, right? Because I caught a ride up for saturday, but I doubt this is going on then . Anyway, feel free to offer the time I had requested to someone who will use it. Thanks!

    -Irving Aguirre

    • Irving.
      Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, the event is only on Friday.
      There is a business, marketing & branding mentoring session on Saturday at 1 PM hosted by the Manhattan Producers Alliance. Check that out as well.
      Hope you enjoy the rest of AES.

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