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At Perfection Mastering we specialize in providing high fidelity online music mixing and mastering services to artists all over the world. Mastering is the crucial final stage of music production. The mastering process commonly involves equalization to achieve a good overall mix balance, light compression to add punch and presence, and loudness restriction to increase the overall volume. Though many producers might feel their mixes sound good enough for release, the truth is that a proper mastering job done by a professional is always worth the investment. So many amateur producers skip this stage and as a result fail to impress their audiences due to unprofessional sounding tracks. That said, if you are serious about your music and want it to sound as good as possible, a competent mastering engineer needs to be sought out prior to releasing your music to the world. Though we work with all genres of music, our expertise is in electronic dance music, including but not limited to house, techno, trance, dubstep, tech house, and ambient styles. Unlike many of our peers, we rely almost exclusively on analog hardware in our mastering chain. It is our firm belief that the sweetness and warmth provided by analog hardware is simply unmatched by digital plugins. If you are a new customer we encourage you to take advantage of our free mastering promotion and hear the difference for your self.