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The¬†34 year history of SPARS¬†is the history of the recording studio, music and professional recording¬†evolution¬†in America. The two cannot be separated. Those early pioneers of recording and sound founded SPARS and were some of the industry’s most committed supporters. There … Buy Diazepam Online Uk Blue Haze

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Award given as part of the 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco On Saturday, October 27, 2012 during the AES / SPARS Joint Student Section party, the SPARS Board of Directors bestowed its highest honor, the 2012 SPARS Legacy Award, … Valium Where To Buy

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The SPARS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2012 SPARS Legacy Award, industry pioneer, recording icon and founder of the legendary Record Plant Studios, Christopher Stone. The award will be formally given to Stone at … Buy Diazepam Online Fast Delivery

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Last night, October 21, 2011, Philadelphia native and recording studio impresario Joe Tarsia received the SPARS Legacy Award before a packed house of industry peers at New York’s newest hip event space the Four-o-Four. The Mix@AES was part of the … Valium Cheapest Price

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This year marks a very special moment in the 32 year history of SPARS. The SPARS Board of Directors will award the first annual SPARS Legacy Award to one of the founders of SPARS, the group’s first President, Philadelphia native … Buy Valium Laos

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SPARS recently announced the establishment of a new annual award, the SPARS Legacy Award, to be given each year to an industry luminary who historically has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and commitment to the recording studio movement in America and … Ordering Valium Online Uk