SPARS Blog with J. Michael Dolan | Why it’s not working

Excerpted from J. Michael Dolan’s Blogs & Stories | for Artists and Entrepreneurs…


WHY IT’S NOT WORKING (Read time 0:31)
• You didn’t do the research or homework.
• You overestimated the payoff and underestimated the cost.
• You let your personal dramas get in the way.
• You’re afraid to admit that you really don’t know.
• The project has dark roots.
• When in doubt, you listen to yourself.
• It’s too hard.
• You’re sabotaged by doubt and stifled by fear.
• You refuse to pay for expert opinion.
• You don’t trust others.
• You’re unwilling to share.
• Your biggest fear is change.
• You have a warehouse full of logical excuses.
• You gave the job to the wrong person out of impatience.
• You lied about it.
• It’s missing “contribution.”
• Truth be told, you’re afraid to stand on your own two feet.
• You allowed confusion to be your guide.
• It’s void of truth.
• Face it, it’s just not good enough.
• In a blink, you KNEW it wouldn’t work from the start but you ignored the signs.

If there’s still time, why not just make it happen?

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