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Tips For Promoting Youtube Music Videos
If your band is not already on Youtube, you need to stop reading this and go create an account. For everybody else that already has an account, hopefully you’ve been utilizing it to its maximum effectiveness. If not, read on for some easy and helpful tips to improve your Youtube page.

Music Management Company Seeking Electronic Acts
A UK Music Management/Artist Services company is seeking new electronic/pop/dance/club music to represent. 40Deg is looking to discover, develop, and manager talented new DJ’s, producers, and singer/songwriters of electronic music.

Hip-Hop Licensing Company Seeking Music For Film/Television Placement
We Make Music, is an established Brooklyn based licensing company that specializes in the placement of hip-hop and R&B songs in film and television. They have had artists featured on commercials for NCIS: Los Angeles, Pepsi, and UFC Primetime.

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