10 Effective strategies to get your music noticed

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10 effective strategies to get your music noticed.                                                               Promotional strategies for independent musicians.
In some music business schools, they still give assignments that go like this:
“Assume you have one million dollars. Make up a marketing plan to promote a band.”Here’s a more realistic assignment:
“Pick any band you find on the web. You have zero dollars. Now go promote them.”Although most bands would like to have a budget that would allow them to promote their latest album on TV, radio, and billboards, they more likely have just enough to print up posters for the next gig. And yet, indie musicians can get the kind of attention that can build a real fan base and help make a career in music with the right songs and the right promotional approach.

Here are ten effective strategies to get you and your music noticed. The good news is they’re easy on the pocketbook and can be acted on today. All they take is a bit of time and some thought about how to get your music directly in front of the people that are most likely to be your new fans.

Ten Effective Strategies Includes:
• The Standing-Out Strategy
• The Agent Strategy
• The Street Team Strategy
• The Alternative Gig Strategy
• And More

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