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Thank goodness February had 29 days this year–we have been hard at work and we needed every hour! February brings The Grammys, and soon it was time for Dan to go off to LA for the awards. Needless to say, he came back with many stories about the events that took place that weekend, including a story about one of our friends at SugarHill, Judy Sherman, who won her third Grammy, (see the story, below). The month has been crazy busy for our engineers. “Studio J” is now up and running and Josh has been recording day and night in his new nest.  John has been busy up in The Sweet Spot working with the Wild Moccasins. Andy has been tweaking final mixes with Kenny Cordray on his album “It Takes Everything”, while Chris has been in Studio A with the band, We Were Wolves- who also starred in Episode 32 of Live From SugarHill. We’ll be keeping up the momentum in March with plenty of sessions and performances from ZenHill artists at Fitzgerald’s.

Here’s to spring!
-The SugarHill crew

  Congratulations to Judy Sherman
for Winning Classical Producer of the year
at the Grammy® Awards!

Judy Sherman Chizuko Sawa and Andy 

Photo above: Judy Sherman, Chizuko Sawa, and Andy Bradley  

It looks like Judy Sherman has done it again. This year marks her third Grammy win for Classical Producer of the year. She was nominated for the 20+ classical albums she produced in 2011 including her work in Houston recording the Jefferson Friedman’s String Quartets performed by Chiara String Quartet. In fact, Jefferson Friedman’s String Quartet No. 3 made the list of 5 best classical compositions of the year!  SugarHill is proud to say that Judy is a great friend of the studio and when she is in Houston, Andy is her Go-To recording engineer. Judy and Andy have been working together for over 6 years. This May, they plan to work in Collaboration with the Da Camera Society of Houston and Chizuko Sawa on Beethoven Piano Sonatas for a Japanese classical label.

Honors Andy Bradley
in 2011 Best Research in Record Labels
Another congratulations is in order for SugarHill’s own scribe, Andy Bradley, for winning an award for the publication of House of Hits: The Story of Houston’s Gold Star/SugarHill Recording Studio 

House of Hits

We Were Wolves
Live from SugarHill is in full swing filming it’s fourth season. Episode 32 guests, We Were Wolves, is a loud, explosive rock group from the heart of Texas. Fueled by a passion for music and a relentless work ethic, the Wolves thrive on charged live performances. With influences ranging from Thin Lizzy to Motorhead, Queens of the Stone Age to Iggy Pop, or Fugazi to Faith No More, the group looks no further than to add new noise to the rock world, proving once again that rock will never die. Geared with a new release, “Lost At Sea”, We Were Wolves is ready to take the next step towards their rock ‘n roll dreams. SugarHill would like to thank St. Arnolds Brewery for providing beverages during the shoot and everyone who makes the show a success.
We Were Wolves - Lovetits
We Were Wolves – Lovetits

A Special Thanks to Zenfilm

House of Hits

SugarHill would like to give a big thanks to Ross Wells from Zenfilm for helping us out earlier this year with a speedy replacement for a computer in Studio B. We started off the year with a big computer-foul, and overnight Ross came to the rescue and solved our problem. Ross even hand-delivered the comp!  So cheers to our good friends and partners, Ross Wells and Zenfilm!

      SugarHill partners with Vitamin Water and to record three Houston Finalists!     

Vitamin Water and listened to song submissions from hundreds of Houston bands in order to pick three finalists for the contest.  Those finalists, Day Sailor, New York City Queens, and Taylor Thrash each won a day in SugarHill’s Studio A to record a song to be posted online for voting. Voting for the grand prize has begun. The winning act will receive :
  • A performance at the vitaminwater showcase in Austin, TX  at Gypsy Lounge.
  • A 1-day recording session at SugarHill Studios in Houston, TX
  • 1-year supply of vitaminwater
  • An opening performance at a BackstageOL concert in Houston, TX
  • Live performance during the “Backstage” segment on Fox 26 in Houston, TX

sxvw finalists

               Online voting is available until March 4th at 11:59 PM
                                     Vote for your favorite today!

ZenHill Records Night at Fitzgerald’s
Artists on the ZenHill label will be performing on the same stage at Fitzgerald’s on March 9th. Come out and celebrate local music with us. Performances by:
Roky Moon & Bolt , Sideshow Tramps
Wheel Workers, Winter Wallace,
Craig Kinsey Band, and Southern Backtones

Zen Hill Records

Thanks to all of our many friends and artists who record with us!
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