SPARS member Discmakers releases Volume 2 of popular Home Studio Series

Disc Makers
The Home Studio Series Volume 2 is out now!
Building a Project Room
Volume 2 of our popular Home Studio Series is now available and ready to help transform a room in your home into the project studio you’ve always wanted. In Volume 1 we talked about building a Pro Studio in your house, which includes building an “A Room” from scratch. Volume 2 focuses on building a project studio – working with the space and resources you have to get the most from your recording.Check out this excerpt on room acoustics:
Acoustics Matter
Whatever your expectations, a major component to your creating quality finished recordings in a home environment is to control the acoustics. To really do things right, it starts with the construction of the room. The proper angles of the walls and ceiling, the proper dimensions, state-of-the-art acoustical room treatments placed in the appropriate places – these are but a few of the things that set a professional studio apart from your rehearsal space and bedroom.The first step toward achieving an acoustic environment that will produce great results at home is to understand some of the basic principles of how sound waves work and how to control the way they inhabit and interact in a room.

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