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THE RACER’S EDGE (Read time 0:41)

“What if someone steals my idea, or launches a similar competitive site, or they write, record or create superior art?” I hear those worries from my clients all the time—from film composers to CEO’s. It’s a troubling trap to compare your place in the race with others. That’s why they put blinders on racehorses—so they’re not distracted by the competition, and they can focus on the finish line. Some artists & entrepreneurs I work with spend sleepless nights worrying about the competition and fretting about the future, when they should be envisioning, imagining and inventing ways to better serve their customers and fans, with outrageous products and jaw dropping art. Your enemy is not the competition. The real enemy is indecision & uncertainty, which is the result of losing the battle to doubt & fear. And doubt & fear are what keeps every crazy, genius A&E tossing and turning all night. Right? The best hedge against the competition is to wear permanent “blinders,” and the best way to gain the racer’s edge is to use focused intelligence.

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