4 Steps to Convert Goals into Results

4 Steps to Convert Goals into Results

by Cheryl B. Engelhardt on January 24, 2012  

This post is an excerpt from the e-course, In The Key Of Success: The Five Week Jump-Start Strategy. Published on SPARS member Discmakers Blog site, Echos, Insights for Independent Artists.

“Goal” is such a ridiculous word. It’s a word that, once you put it in place, you automatically create its inverse: the possibility of failing to achieve it. The prospect of failure can be so scary that it becomes impossible to take action towards achieving your goal, and thus, the downwards cycle of mediocrity and spinning the wheels begins!

Let’s cut the crap right now.

The true purpose of goal setting
It’s not about your goals and objectives, it’s about the work you do in their honor. I had a goal to win a Grammy in my twenties, and when I turned thirty, it was like I couldn’t breathe I was so disappointed in myself. One of my problems was that I didn’t have interim goals. For me, it was Grammy or nothing. With no smaller goals purposefully set, I couldn’t acknowledge myself for all that I had achieved in my music career in my twenties. All I saw was that one big failure. What I now know is that I was not a failure. I was the opposite. I was in action, living the life of someone whose goal is to win a Grammy.

Cut yourself some slack. It’s hard to determine exactly how long it will take to achieve something. The goals you create are your game. You can change the rules, as long as you are still in the game.

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