SPARS Sound Bite – Mix Magazine | October 2011 – The Future In Numbers

The following is excerpted from, October 2011…

SPARS Sound Bite | The Future In Numbers
By Kirk Imamura, President of SPARS and President of Avatar Studios, NY

Mix on LineEvery organization related to pro audio has been affected by the democratization of content creation. New, powerful tools that aid songwriting, music creation/production and audio recording have opened the doors to many, many more individuals, whether in music, sound design or post. To illustrate the macro effects of this type of explosive growth, let’s look at the recent experience of ASCAP. According to an article on The Huffington Post by Paul Williams, president and Chairman of the Board for ASCAP, 600 people sign up with the organization every week, which “equals more than 30,000 self-declared, career-minded songwriters per year.” The issue is whether the people who want to make songwriting their career can actually do so given the today’s realities. (read more…)

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