SPARS Sound Bite – Mix Magazine | September 2011 – Film is a Sound Idea

SPARS SoundBite | Film Is a Sound Idea

By Jonathan Pekar

The following article is excerpted from the SPARS Sound Bite column, September 2011 issue of mix Magazine…

Mix on LineAt Ardent Studios, our job is to create entertainment­—any way possible. While we are rooted in the foundations of rock ’n’ roll from our 45 years in Memphis, we have seen the power of the visual. Sound and picture have gone hand-in-hand since the 1920s, and today the relationship is even closer. There isn’t a music industry or a film industry anymore, and soon there won’t even be a traditional broadcast industry. There is just the entertainment industry. The demand for video content—with superior audio—is exploding with the advent of streaming and downloads.

Ardent’s Film Department was launched on March 20, 2011, to provide for our music

John Fry, Ardent founder/president, pictured at left with Jonathan Pekar

John Fry, Ardent founder/president, pictured at left with Jonathan Pekar

clients and our internal need for video services. At the same time, John Fry (Ardent founder/president, pictured at left with Jonathan Pekar) was discontent with the lost opportunities of film and video productions, so he put his money where his mouth is. Ardent is pleased to announce the addition of a 48-channel SSL Duality console with in-board patchbay, a Delta Link HD-MADI unit and two Alpha Link converter units.

Now Ardent is a full-service production facility capable of taking an idea from inception to the final cut. Although we use a world-class creative and technical labor force, we still begin every production in an old-school style: a pencil, paper and great ideas. Ardent’s first production was a 30-second animated PSA for the Memphis Music Foundation. We came up with the idea, collaborated with Memphis artist Lamar Sorrento and brought one of his fantastic paintings to life. It took about two months to animate the art and another week to get the audio coordinated. We premiered the commercial at our Film Department’s grand-opening party last June.

We believe in Memphis and invite the world to visit our unique city. We can bring you some of the best artists on the planet, and we can even do your audio post.

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