The SPARS Vision

Mark RubelThe SPARS Vision by Mark Rubel, SPARS Director and President of Pogo Studio, Champaign, IL.

Re-definition and change are constants in the world, mostcertainly including the music industry and the world of professional audio.  Accordingly, the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) is in the process of reviewing and resetting its direction.   On both macro and day-to-day levels, our actions will follow logically from our stated mission.

As a SPARS board member I have found it beneficial to articulate my views of the organization, the community we serve, and a possible vision of how we can best preserve and connect the legacy of our past, elevate the present, and positively shape the future.

One way to explore the essence of our association is to examine the individual words that make up its name: (more…)

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