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MUSIC PEOPLE ON CALL (read time :41)

About a decade ago a concert was held at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Nurses carefully transported patients to the hospital’s recreation area, arranging seats and wheelchairs around a temporary stage and IV poles were present throughout the audience. Finally, the musicians began to perform and something wonderful happened. Feet that could barely move began to tap, heads nodded to the beat, and smiles formed on patients’ faces. “It was just what the patients needed,” one of the nurses said, and such a shame that some were unable to attend because they were too sick to leave their rooms—so they brought the concert to them. The musicians went room to room and played at the bedsides of those who had missed the concert and low and behold an organization called “Musicians On Call” was born. MOC  brings “on call” volunteer musicians to the bedsides of patients in select healthcare facilities around the country. I support the efforts of this organization and I invite you to check out their website, join their tribe and help them triumph:

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