SPARS Organizes Source-Connect Demo

Multi-Site Live Presentation hosted by NYU and Full Sail University…

SPARS organized a one-of-a-kind demonstration linking Pro Tools systems at geographically separated host sites with Source-Connect, a product by Source Elements.

Source-Connect Demo at Full Sail

Rebekah Wilson, Source Elements founding member and Director of Technology (2nd from left, back row) with Full Sail top recording arts GPS Students in Orlando.

The SPARS meetings were held jointly at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music in New York and at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

Source-Connect enables audio connections between digital audio systems anywhere, allowing direct-to-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only T1, cable or DSL Internet connections. By using Source-Connect, the user does not require ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees, or minute-by-minute line charges so any user can affordably access any studio and any talent anywhere in the world. Source-Connect is a plug-in for Pro Tools, VST and Audio Unites – Windows XP and Mac, and now also a full standalone application for OSX.

Source-Connect Demo at NYU

Source Elements founder and President, Robert Marshall at NYU covering the advantages of Source-Connect software.

From Source Elements, Robert Marshall, founding partner, was in Studio 510 at NYU in New York and Rebekah Wilson, founding member and Director of Technology, was in Audio Temple at Full Sail University. The Audio Temple is a newly opened flagship recording studio, which is part of the Full Sail Gateway Studios expansion project that also includes a live performance hall and a game production studio.

The demonstration featured a simulated production of a beer commercial with piano overdubs being recorded in Florida, voice over talent recording in Los Angeles and the final mix being done in New York. The Pro Tools system at NYU linked up with Buzzy’s Recording, a studio in Los Angeles studio, where voice over talent, Pat Duke (of Coors fame), added his voice to commercial.

Michael McCoy, production manager and instructor, hosted around 20 attendees at NYU, which included a few engineers from post houses. Dana Roun, head of Full Sail’s audio department, hosted 15 people at Audio Temple that included faculty members and top recording arts GPS (Global Professionalism Standards) students.

The event was also attended by SPARS President Eric Johnson, Executive Producer, Blazing Music + Sound, who presented an overview about the SPARS organization. Event organizer, SPARS Board member Kirk Imamura, who also authors the new SPARS recording blog, SPARS Beat, stated that the meeting is a first in a series of planned presentations by companies and services that offer remote connectivity and large data file transfer capabilities to audio production companies and professionals. “There is definitely a need for better and more user friendly connectivity solutions as more and more distributed production activities take place.”

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