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Wire Road Studios, Houston’s newest full-service recording facility, features world-class studios designed by the renowned Russ Berger Design Group of Dallas, Texas. Wire Road Studios design objective was to ensure that the layout and acoustics would set a new standard for the Houston recording industry and meet or exceed those of the top studios in the country. In fact, when the studio opened in 2011 they were immediatly included in Mix Magazine’s Class of 2011 | Special feature on New Studios and Studio Design.

Wired Road Studios | Control A2

Studio A Control

President and Chief Engineer James Kelley and the Wire Road staff’s next objective was to outfit the studios with the most respected recording equipment in the industry. This began with a unique Euphonix S5 Fusion digital sound-processing console. The pristine sound processing of the console with its own digital preamps, compressors and equalization is complemented with a vast selection of outstanding outboard gear from Brent Averill, Bricasti, Crane Song, DW Fearn, Manley Labs, Retro Instruments, RTZ Audio, Shadow Hills Industries, Solid State Logic, Universal Audio and Weiss Engineering. Clients will appreciate the quality through world-class monitors by ATCPMC and Focal. Wire Road’s microphone collection was purposely-assembled for versatility featuring models from AEA, AKA, Audix, Beyerdynamic, Blue, Bock, Brauner, Lawson, Neumann, sE Electronics, Schoeps, Sennheiser and Shure. The studio also recently acquired a new Steinway Model B piano.

Wire Road Studios | Studio A1

Live Room Studio A

The next objective was to provide a balanced staff of audio engineers running the gamut from “decades of experience” to “young and full of exuberance”. While embracing outside engineers and producers to the facility, it allows Wire Road to match ANY session situation with the correct “chemistry” to promote maximum creativity with comfortable environments and personalities.

The final objective was to include the many small details that make a recording facility a “home” for creativity: a full kitchen with a client’s favorite beverages and snacks, a comfortable lounge with a big screen tv, wifi connectivity, a “smokers” back porch with ceiling fans, and distributed control room audio feeds (including talkback) to 4 different stations throughout the facility!

Wire Road Studios | Control B

Studio B

Please visit the Facility and Technology sections of the Wire Road Studio’s site for more detailed information regarding the building design and equipment selection. The studio’s doors are OPEN and prospective clients are encouraged to drop by for a visit and a personal validation that all the design objectives have been achieved!

Success built on a client-focused attitude: Quality structures and the best equipment are important, but the staff at Wire Road Studio know that a client-focused

attitude is the real foundation of success. Inside you will find a comfortable, fun atmosphere and a great working environment. The staff strives to clearly visualize each client’s objectives. They see themselves as partners in helping the client reach the highest levels of success and accomplishment. The goal is that all visitors to Wire Road Studios become Wire Road Family! Contact us...

Wire Road Studio C

Studio C

Wire Road Studios | Control D

Studio D

Wire Road Studios Lounge

Studio Lounge





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