SPARS spotlights new member Blade Studios

Blade Studios

BLADE Studios is a full-service sound recording studio including:

  • studio rental
  • music production and engineer services
  • post production facilities
  • rehearsal spaces
  • film audio services including ADR, Foley and scoring.

Blade Studios Control AThe complex consists of two spacious studios, producer and writers’ offices, lounges and equipment lock-ups.  The building is a fortified modern structure that includes heightened security for visiting artists and producers and numerous redundant electrical and HVAC systems so that no project is interrupted.  Studio A features an SSL Duality console.  Studio B features Avid icon consoles.  Each sound studio is packed with new and vintage gear, and vintage instruments and amps are available to artists in the tracking rooms.

Blade Studios Tracking A

Designed by world-renowned studio architect Russ Berger, BLADE Studios includes two separate sound recording studios. Each studio’s wonderfully crafted, world-class ambient spaces provide the very best sonic quality and absolute sound isolation in each room. Client areas include dedicated lounges, kitchens, private restrooms and shower, private office suites, conference rooms and workstations. Each sound recording studio is designed to be an inspiring and comfortable space so that artists can concentrate on making a great record in a laid-back environment.

Russ Berger’s Design

Blade Studios Control BBLADE Studios chose Russ Berger Design Group to design BLADE Studios. The goal of Blade Studios was to build a world-class facility that rivals any studio complex on the planet. The Russ Berger team has over 2,500 recording, production and broadcast studio projects to their credit. Russ is a foremost expert on sound and an eight-time TEC Award winner for design excellence.

The staff of Blade Studios began meeting with Russ and his team in early 2009, and developed a design plan that delivers an inspiring space built around the artist. Looking back on our collective studio experience and through interviews with many artists, engineers and producers, we set out to create a music production and sound recording complex that provides everything a recording artist could want.  Most importantly, each of the rooms ensures unmatched sound quality during the performance and on the record.

Russ and his team delivered. BLADE Studios is a multi-million dollar work of art that stands on par with any facility in the world.

Blade Studios Nominated for a TEC Award

TEC LogoWe are excited to announce that Blade Studios and Architect , Studio Designer: Russ Berger, RBDG Design Group are nominated for a 2011 TEC Award for creative achievement.

  • Gear

    Telefunken ELAM 251E

    BLADE Studios has everything an artist could want. From vintage equipment and instruments to the latest in audio technology.

    Full list of Gear.

  • Shreveport

    view of downtown shreveport

    Shreveport is a dynamic city that never sleeps!  Shreveport’s vibrant nightlife doesn’t stop at 2 am — pubs and venues are open all night.  And with five casino resorts, there is always a place to have a good time.

    Favorite things in Shreveport-Bossier.

  • Sonic Excellence

    floating floor construction in Blade Studios

    Most studios are retrofitted into existing buildings and constructed on slab or conventional foundations, which lead to sound bleed between rooms, from vibrations in the floor.  All of the sound recording areas at BLADE Studios are constructed on floating floors, ensuring no sound bleed or vibration between rooms.  Custom-engineered and built from the ground up, BLADE Studios was constructed to be the finest sound recording facility in the world.  Each room is designed to be truly isolated from noises in or outside the complex while producing sonically perfect sound studio rooms.

  • Wired for Video

    All areas in the studio are wired for video. With this capability Blade Studios can produce for the recording artist “Making Of..” features and or live web casts on artists’ websites.

  • Brady Blade's Drum

Need a Grammy-winning drummer on your session or track? We can create some incredible percussion sounds with world-renown drummer, Brady Blade, Jr.

As formidable as the design and equipment are at Blade Studio, the people behind the operation are its most valuable commodity. Their commitment to creativity and the craft of recording great music is immediately apparent.

Brady Blade, Co-owner

Brady Blade Brady L. Blade, Jr. (born in 1965 in Shreveport, Louisiana) is an American rock, pop and country drummer, record producer and composer.  Brady has played as part of Emmylou Harris’ band, Spyboy, Steve Earle and the Dukes, Jewel, The Indigo Girls, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews & Friends, and with Buddy & Julie Miller.

While known for touring the world with many of the key figures in American music, Brady is one of the most in-demand session drummers in the world.

Brady is an accomplished producer and composer.  He enjoys working with new talent, developing their songwriting and, ultimately, producing and recording alongside them. He has had a number of major successes, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, where his work was featured prominently in their national music charts, producing the debut records of both Brooke Fraser, Annabel Fey and Anna Mac.

Brady can be heard on over 50 records to date including, most recently, on Darryl Jones of the Rolling Stones debut record. Brady’s brother is jazz drummer Brian Blade.

Scott Crompton, Co-owner

Scott CromptonScott Crompton is the Executive Producer and CEO of BLADE Studios. He has performed with some of the original blues players, including Hubert Sumlin, Bob Margolin, Willy King and Johnny Shines.

Scott’s professional career path is marketing. He co-founded one of the leading media development companies in America, and designed and implemented media marketing and advertising programs for GM, FORD, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Coca-Cola and IBM.

Scott’s expertise with the Louisiana Sound Recording Incentive program ensures that clients at BLADE Studios are able to maximize their cash rebates. His task as an executive producer is to handle all the business of the project so the artist can focus on making a great record.

Chris Bell, Chief Engineer

Chris BellChris Bell has developed his talents through years of experience in the recording industry, bringing musicians the masterful chemistry necessary to attract an enduring audience. Chris was nominated for a Grammy award in 1998 and has worked on several Grammy-winning projects.

He honed his skills on tape machines and analog mixing desks working on recordings like Erykah Badu’s “Mammas Gun”. His resume also includes studio time with U2, Everclear, Destiny’s Child, Fuel, The Polyphonic Spree, and Earth, Wind, and Fire, along with remixes for Peter Gabriel and Death in Vegas. His most recent projects include The Eagles #1 record “Long Road Out of Eden”, Erykah Badu’s “Amerykah”, Red Monroe, Jonathan Tyler, Little Brian, Forjak, and Cas Haley.

He continues to be active in the growth and development of the industry. Elected to the Board of Governors of the Recording Academy, Chris has served in many roles at the Academy including Governor, 1st Vice President, President, and Trustee. A skilled and experienced mixing engineer, recording engineer and producer, Bell infuses his projects with a foundation for success.

For further questions please contact us:

Brady Blade — Producer, Drummer
Grammy-winning artist, drums (Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Indigo Girls, Jewel, Bob Dylan)
Noted producer (Annabel Fey, Brigitte DeMeyer, Freddie Stevenson, Solomon Burke)
Scott Crompton — Exec. Producer, Media Developer
Expert on Louisiana Incentives, project management
Media affinity program producer, music to film/digital media applications
Chris Bell — Chief Engineer, Producer, Mixer
Award-winning engineer (Erykah Badu, Destiny’s Child, U2, the Eagles)
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