SPARS spotlights new member Dallas Audio Post and DAPG’s plans for expansion

Dallas Audio PostWith a 6000 square foot facility located in the heart of Facebookdowntown Dallas, Dallas Audio Post Group has the ability to meet any audio need.  The company has made a heavy investment in technology that facilitates collaboration both internally and with other facilities.  Their fibre channel network, multiple T1 communications and enterprise class data management allow them to live up to the scope and pace of any project.  In addition, the size of Dallas Audio Post Group’s music and sound effects libraries can be measured by the terabyte.

Every control room and iso booth is connected and routable to the other, allowing multiple client sessions to operate fully independently, with instant access to session elements and DAPG Studio Aperipherals.  The company can also edit one project from four different control rooms to maximize a tight deadline.

The company has also taken extra care with power routing. All audio equipment is treated with power conditioners and the grounds are isolated from the rest of the facility’s electrical system, providing isolation from everything from the phone system to an unforeseeable lighting strike.  This process insures the cleanest path possible for all signals and program material.

All session data is written to a centralized series of RAID 6 protected fiber-channel hard drives, assuring that even if a drive fails during a session, the session will continue DAPG Studio Bseamlessly.  The company also runs a seamless automatic backup 4 times during the work day to a dedicated 4 terabyte server, leaving the sessions in progress completely uninterrupted.  Drives are then backed up nightly to twin 800 gigabyte DLT data tapes, and one is taken off-site daily for archiving.  Translation; if you record it at Dallas Audio Post Group, it will never, ever, be lost.

Besides the care given in selection and operation of some of the finest post equipment on the market today, the real secret of Dallas Audio Post’s success is its people, as evidenced DAPG Studio Cby the accolades the company continues to receive. The staff is exceptional and has garnered a committed following from clients around Texas and the US.

No doubt Dallas Audio Post Group enjoys a committed following of clients. However, the company’s future plans will allow them to offer even greater service to Texas and the entire US.

DAPG StudioDallas Audio Post is building a brand new, 10,500 sq. ft. studio that will become the largest facility dedicated to audio post production between Los Angeles and New York. The new facility is being designed by world-renowned studio designer Francis Manzella. The facility will feature a new Dubbing Stage designed by Francis with support from Tom Ehle of Dolby Labs and Brian Long of Meyer Sound. The Dubbing Stage will feature the Meyer Sound EXP monitoring system. The stage will be configured with Acheron 80 , X800C, and HMS-10 monitors. Additionaly, 5.1 near-field monitoring will be available via JBL6328 monitors. The Stage will feature a Avid Icon ES control surface that will control 3 Pro Tools systems. As a result of this upgrade, DAPG’s facility will become one of the most technologically advanced audio post production studios in the country.

The new Dallas Audio Post location is expected to be open in early 2012 and will feature 9DAPG Lounges Area production rooms plus support areas and will feature the only commercial Dolby certified dubbing theater in Texas. Roy Machado, President of Dallas Audio Post since 1993 said, “This new studio will bring world-class technical facilities to the film and TV community in Texas. Currently, Texas film producers have to travel to LA or NY to mix theatrical releases; now theatrical mixing in a premier dubbing theater can be done right here in Dallas.”

 In addition to the Dolby certified dubbing theater there will be two 5.1 TV mixing stages; a Iso Booth Amusic production/ audio post production studio; an audio mixing and editorial suite; a 16 x 20 ADR/Foley Stage, a 12 x 14 ADR/Voice Over Isolation Booth, a 10 x 16 ADR/Voice Over Isolation Booth and a 10 x 12 Voice Over Isolation Booth.

Dallas Audio Post is considered a leader in audio post production for TV/film, radio and new media. Dallas Audio Post’s list of feature film ADR credits include the Dreamworks release Cowboys & Aliens as well as No Country for Old Men, Temple Grandin, Camp Rock and Madea Goes to Jail. Dallas Audio Post’s TV credits include Desperate Housewives, Friday Night Lights, Lost, Prison Break and Private Practice.


DAPG Roy Machado

Roy Machado

Roy Machado is the Creative Director and Supervising Sound Editor for DAPG. He also founded the company in 1994.

With over 15 years of experience in film/television and advertising, Roy has brought well-rounded knowledge to clients such as Lions Gate Films, New Horizons, Universal Pictures, NBC TV, Fox TV and Hasbro Games. He has composed music, sound designed and mixed audio for hundreds of movie trailers, TV spots, toys, games and corporate video productions.

As part of the team here at DAPG, Roy continues to expand his knowledge in all aspects of audio and post production. He studied music performance and composition as well as radio/television and film at the University of North Texas. He enjoys playing the guitar, working out, and spending time with his family.

DAPG Brad Dale

Brad Dale

Brad Dale joined DAPG in 2007 as a Music Supervisor/Composer after spending seven years as Chief Sound Designer at AMS Production Group.

Brad is a cross-genre music composer who has worked with numerous major labels and artists. Some of his credits include original music composition for the “I Am Second” campaign, dialogue editorial on Catacombs (Lions Gate Films) and his work is published throughout multiple international electronic music record labels. With over a decade in the music and post production industry, Brad has produced cutting edge sound and music for clients including Sony Music Group, Microsoft, Universal Music Group, BBDO, GSD&M, Warner Brothers and Apple.

Brad studied jazz, composition and music of world cultures at the University of North Texas and sound design at Full Sail Recording Arts Academy. In his free time he writes music, performs with his band, travels and enjoys being outdoors.

DAPG Jeremiah Gray

Jeremiah Gray

Jeremiah Gray came to DAPG in 2003 as an intern and became a full time audio engineer in March 2006. Along with that, his duties include Facility & Rental Department Manager, and handling all location sound.

Since coming to DAPG, Jeremiah has been lead voiceover recordist for several video games including Borderlands, Dragonball Z: Budokai 3, Brothers in Arms-Earned in Blood and Spikeout. He also serves as the audio production manager for various accounts such as Wal-Mart, Texas Rangers, Sleep Experts, Viewpoint Bank, Capital One, Boy Scouts of America and The Pampered Chef. His role also includes managing all of the facility equipment upgrades, all location recordings, and handling the rental of all field audio production equipment.

Jeremiah graduated from the Masters Recording Program at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Phoenix, AZ in 2003.

DAPG Rene Coronado

Rene Coronado

Rene Coronado joined DAPG in 1999 as an Audio Engineer and became Lead Sound Designer soon thereafter.

In his role as lead sound designer his responsibilities include creating custom sound effects and foley for a large array of websites, TV shows, films and live events. From the beginning Rene has worked closely with the Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers on both broadcast and in-game presentations. In addition to several others, he was the lead sound designer in the film El Descubrimiento (The Finding), which won the Juried Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Mexico City in 2009, and Benavides Born, an official Sundance Selection 2011.

Rene has also been an ADR recordist for Fox TV, Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures, and he was audio team lead for voice recording on video games such as Brothers in Arms-Earned in Blood, Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 and Spikeout Battlestreet.

Rene graduated with an AAS in Sound Technology from South Plains College in 1999. As part of the team here at DAPG, Rene continues to expand his knowledge in all aspects of audio production. He currently blogs about sound design at For a credits list,  click here.

Brandon Weatherread

Brandon Weatherread came to DAPG in 2007 as an intern and joined the team as a full-time audio engineer in 2010.

During his time at DAPG Brandon has worked with publishers like Random House Audio and Simon and Schuster, recording the audiobooks for former President George W. Bush’s “Decision Points” and former First Lady Laura Bush’s “Spoken from the Heart” among others. He has also been project manager as well as lead voiceover recordist for e-learning courses used in schools nationwide such as Cambium Learning’s: Reading A-Z (RAZ), Transmath, and Read Well eReader.

In the film world his role includes performing prop Foley and custom sound recording. His credits includes Mandrake (Syfy Channel), Mongolian Deathworms (Syfy Channel), and Benavides Born (official Sundance Film Festival 2011 selection).

Brandon studied music theory and classical composition at Richland College, as well as audio engineering and post-production audio at MediaTech Institute for the Recording Arts. As a team member at DAPG, Brandon continues to augment his knowledge and skill set in all things audio.

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