SPARS Spotlights new member Chapman Recording & Mastering

Kansas City’s Premier Recording Studio

Chapman Recording Studio A

Chapman Recording & Mastering Studio A

Chapman Recording and Mastering is a three room high end audio facility conveniently located just minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. For over thirty years Chapman Recording has been providing professional audio production for music, advertising, corporate, film, video, television and radio. They offer a distinctive atmosphere with cutting edge technologies in an creative rich environment. An experienced and helpful staff, extensive selection of high end gear and impeccable acoustics make Chapman Recording the choice for creative individuals seeking quality production in the Midwest.

Chapman Recording & Mastering Studio B
Chapman Recording & Mastering Studio B

30 Years of Recording, Mixing and Mastering

From the early 1970’s Chapman Recording and Mastering has been active with all types of production and several technological evolutions within the professional audio industry.

When Chapman Recording opened their doors the cassette and twenty-four track were new formats and most studios were still “one big room”. Since then they have experienced remarkable growth away from the limitations of magnetic tape and linear recording to the unlimited possibilities of digital audio. Chapman Recording has participated in the creative process on thousands of sessions while working with some of the greatest talent ever.

Chapman Recording Original 5th St. Control Room
Shown above is original 1978 control room at the 5th street facility. The room featured an Electrodyne console, Ampex MM1000 16 track 2″ recorder and Westlake BBSM 15 monitors.
Mr. Victor Damon
Mr. Victor Damon

Victor Damon Demo
Some of Mr. Damon’s equipment on display.
Chuck Chapman at the Electrodyne Console
Before There Was Digital – Here you see engineer Chuck Chapman at the 16 input 8 buss Electrodyne console. Not many choices with 3 bands of EQ and 1 aux send but it sounded great. The console had come from American Studio in Memphis and recorded several Elvis records over the years with producer Chips Momon. (Circa 1978).

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