SPARS spotlights The Recording Studio Insurance Program

“Insurance is the last thing you ever think about in our business until you need it.” Nothing could be a truer saying as evidenced by the recent unfortunate Nashville flood events. Our spotlight of SPARS Member, The Recording Studio Insurance Program, is the perfect lesson for us all. When bad events strike, it’s great to know you have an advocate; one who understands the unique needs of our industry. Recently Joe Montarello and the folks at Capital Bauer Insurance were able to assist the owners of Yes Master, one of Nashville’s premier Mastering rooms and Nashville based Carl Tatz Design in restoring their facility after the devastating Nashville flood (more…). Recording Studio Insurance Program logo

As with scores of other stories, recording professionals were able to continue their craft and survive to create another day –  all because they took the time to contact and consult with Joe.

Insurance program exclusively designed for Recording Studios

Until  now, your choices were limited when it came to selecting  an insurance program for your recording studio business.  Now, the Recording Studio Insurance Program broadens  your field of choices, because this program has the  coverages you’ve been looking for but couldn’t find  in other policies – All Risk Coverage for all gear that  belongs to you, along with similar gear of others that  is in your care, custody and control.
All these great coverage features in one affordable  policy!

  • 10% loss free credit
  • Computer viruses
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Coverage for borrowed/rented  gear
  • Theft by any party
  • Full replacement value coverage
  • Electrical disturbances
  • Fire coverage
  • Coverage for damaged media
  • Comprehensive business liability  coverage
  • Coverage for gear in transit  and away from the studio
  • Flood and earthquake coverage

You can get more information, read about client testimonials and request more information, including a personal call from Joe here (more…).


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