SPARS spotlights the Philadelphia Recording Community (PRC)

The PRC is a community of recording artists, producers and engineers interested in building and promoting a stronger local Philadelphia area music community. The group was started in the summer of 2010 by Mike Tarsia, a Philly based Engineer and other local music industry pros. The PRC hosts monthly meetings at local facilities including meet and greet events, gear testing sessions as well as other industry topic seminars.

They encourage Philadelphia area music professionals to join and participate by offering suggestions, through open discussions involving meetings and featured articles. The PRC hopes to have the opportunity to shape the future of the Philadelphia Recording Community.

To learn more about the PRC, see the SPARS Q&A with Mike Tarsia.

Check out the PRC web site as well as their Facebook page.

SPARS is excited about the increase in local recording and music activity in the Philadelphia area. As part of SPARS new “localization” initiative, the 32 year old recording association is committed to supporting and encouraging similar activity in other areas of the country.

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