SPARS spotlights new member Magdalena Acoustik

Magdalena Acoustik provides on location recording services for classical, chamber, choral, organ, vocal, instrumental, jazz, ethnic and other acoustic music. Using world class equipment and refined techniques, the company captures the natural timbres of the music within the acoustic environment.

Their equipment includes microphones from Schoeps, Neumann and AKG, with preamps from Millennia Media and Metric Halo. Because acoustics are such an significant part of the sound, a great room is essential.  The company records on location, where the acoustics are, either at the client’s venue or at other great halls which the company may suggest.

Magdalena Acoustik follows a “less is more” approach, by using as few top-quality microphones as possible, and avoiding heavy electronic processing, preferring instead to capture the natural tones of fine instruments in a rich environment, and preserve the balance choices and artistic interpretation of the musicians. The company offers:

On-location recording
Dedicated closed recording sessions
Auditions and more
Complete CD album packages
Audio editing and mastering
Live sound.

Contact the company about how they can best meet your specific needs. Because each artist and every project is unique, they customize their services and services to match each situation.  They can provide custom packages for maximum flexibility while maintaining cost efficiency.

Nathan Eide is the principal engineer at Magdalena Acoustik. He has over 20 years of experience in audio and started focusing on recording classical music in 1995.

He begin acoustical design work in 1998. His other experience includes formal graduate studies in acoustics, acoustical consulting, live sound for all scales and styles and a life-long passion for music. He participally loves the rich complexities of the cello, but prefers the playing of others to his own.

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