SPARS – the Recording Connection for over 36 Years

SPARS was founded in 1979 by the leaders of the recording industry. Our members enjoy the access and opportunity to network with some of the best known and most successful individuals in the business. In addition, the roster of SPARS Past Presidents reads like a Who’s Who in the history of recording.

SPARS is pursuing an aggressive agenda of renewal and expansion designed to make the organization ever more responsive to our membership. SPARS’ rich legacy of bringing together the best minds in our industry is reflected in our commitment a new and expanded Web presence.

Few would disagree the Web is the new medium for delivery of content as well as networking. SPARS was founded to advance education in the business of recording to both audio recording service professionals and students. SPARS is uniquely positioned to provide the critical business skills recording professionals require to assure the success of their enterprise as well as providing students and educators with the mentoring and networking they desire.

The SPARS community includes audio recording and mastering facilities – from single-operator studios to large multi-room complexes, manufacturers, engineers, multimedia specialists. If your business is involved with music recording, mastering, video, film, industrial or corporate media, advertising, computers, interactive games, forensic audio, studio design, manufacturing, internet audio, education or any other related audio fields, your colleagues are members of SPARS. In addition, SPARS’ work is carried on by sister organizations in England by the APRS and in Japan by the JAPRS.

Ultimately, to be a part of SPARS means you are part of a collective network of professionals dedicated to improving the business environment for audio production services. The single most valuable benefit to membership is this online connection and it is the one which is not definable in dollars. Yes, we offer a constantly expanding array of hard-dollar benefits, but to join for those benefits is to miss the bigger picture. The best way to take advantage of SPARS is to be an active participant in the organization and help shape the agenda. The question is not, “What can SPARS do for me?” but rather “What can we do together?”