Monthly Archives: July 2010

SHURE has Two More Winning Mics

Beta 27 and SM27 are versatile tools for stage and studio. Large diaphragm, side-address condenser microphones have long been known for their exceptional sound quality and frequency response. Shure has expanded the portfolio to provide large diaphragm, side-address condenser microphones … Continue reading

Village Studios to Host 2nd Annual Recording Industry Poker Tournament

SPARS Member KMD Productions will produce the event hosted by Village Studios benefiting Sound Art LA. The second annual Recording Industry Poker Tournament is scheduled to be held at Los Angeles’ legendary Village Studios on Sunday, August 1, 2010. Hosted … Continue reading

SPARS and Source Elements to Host Live Multi-site Production Demo

SPARS and Source Elements, LLC will host a live multi-site production demo linking a studio at NYU Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music in NY with one at Full Sail University in Orlando. The live link between Pro Tools systems … Continue reading

SHURE Receives Rave Reviews on PG Mics

PG27 and PG42 have XLR or USB output for easy recording. Practice, perform and record like a pro with these four new side-address condenser microphones. When you are ready to record, Shure makes it simple. PG42 Side Address Vocal Mic … Continue reading

SPARS Announces New SPARS Beat Blog

Site to be part of SPARS new on-line news and content presence coming in September 2010. SPARS recently announced the launch of SPARS Beat, a blog which will cover interesting stories about studios and the recording industry in general. The … Continue reading